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Crystal Concise: March 2022

Here’s a snapshot from the Crystal team of some of the highlights and points of note for finance and corporate comms pros from around the jurisdictions and media world this past month…

EU: the perennial question of whether the clocks should go forward or back according to the seasons got no further forward (or back) in Europe, as EU States failed to make any progress on seasonal time adjustments. The US, meanwhile, decided to abolish seasonal time adjustments last month.

Malta: people went to the polls in the EU jurisdiction for the general election, with the Maltese Labour Party securing another term in office, despite the lowest turnout in decades

Jersey: election fever was ramping up in Jersey too as the Jersey Electoral Authority published nomination forms for candidates as part of a new-look nomination process. The elections take place in June.

EU: Negotiators in the EU have backed the Digital Markets Act, which targets big tech companies like Meta and focuses on how products are distributed and marketed to consumers. It could come in as soon as early 2023 and comes with big fines.

Cayman: local paper the Cayman Compass published a visualisation of what the islands could look like by 2050 if rising sea level continue at the current rate. It's a conversation starter on climate change impact in the islands.

Inclusivity: In a month that marked International Women’s Day, there were sustained calls from across IFCs for more action and less talking around gender diversity and inclusivity, including in Cayman, where activists called for sustained dialogue, not just a focus one day a year

Social Media: LinkedIn launched a newsletter facility for company pages, adding a new way for brands to reach their audiences. It will take careful management though to make sure it doesn't become overwhelming for contacts as part of overall brand touchpoints through social


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