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  • Adam Riddell, Director

Crystal Concise: July 2023

Our regular snapshot from the Crystal team of some of the highlights and points of note for finance and corporate comms pros from around the jurisdictions this past month...

  • Cayman: The jurisdiction made progress on getting itself removed from the FATF grey list

  • IoM: The IoM Government announced a full review of the Island's Strategic Plan, a major document that has a bearing over multiple aspects of Island life

  • Luxembourg: ECJ decided to take Luxembourg to court over a failure to implement tax avoidance legislation

  • Guernsey: The Island hosted a successful Island Games, with the Island team also topping the medal table at the end of the week

  • Jersey: Inflation figures released by Statistics Jersey showed that, during the 12 months to June 2023, the overall RPI for Jersey was 10.9% - a slight drop (1.8%) compared to the last quarter, when it remained at a historic high of 12.7%, at the time one of the largest rises since the 1980s

  • Online News Trends: An OFCOM survey confirmed what we all already knew - that Gen Z are far more likely to access news online via social media than the average adult, with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (X) the top 3 new sources

  • Social: After lots of speculation, Meta launched Threads, with tens of millions signing up on day 1 - while Twitter responded by rebranding to X

  • Politics: The UK minister with responsibility for the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories, Zac Goldsmith, resigned following disagreements around how seriously the prime minister was taking environmental issues


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