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Crystal Concise: February 2022

Here’s a snapshot from the Crystal team of some of the highlights and points of note for finance and corporate comms pros from around the jurisdictions and media world this past month…

Luxembourg: an interesting ongoing case in Luxembourg helps shine a light on the complex relationship between the views of a journalist and the views of a media house when it comes to activism, whilst also providing an insight into the wider Luxembourg media landscape and regulatory framework

Cayman: new preliminary census figures from the Cayman Islands suggest the population in the islands has gone up by over 25% since 2010. Population control is a key and common issue amongst IFCs

Luxembourg: the Luxembourg Times has handily collated a list of useful apps to use when in the country. It’s a useful indication of how information can be packaged up through digital tools as part of destination marketing

Malta: in a key political announcement, a General Election has been called for 26 March this year

Jersey: in a move mirroring the Scottish Parliament, Jersey has decided to delay new legislation on hate crime until later this so it can adequately cover social media. Though a delay is frustrating, it’s a vital area that needs to be addressed in an environment that is increasingly toxic

Channel Islands: the power of local media is alive and well, with recent RAJAR figures for Q4 2021 showing that local commercial radio continues to attract listeners. Channel 103 in Jersey is the station with the highest % reach and market share across the whole of the UK – 61% weekly reach and 33.4% market share. Island FM in Guernsey is the second highest with a market share of 31.1%. Organisations should bear this in mind when looking at locally-focused campaigns


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