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  • Adam Riddell, Director

The Crown Dependency Social Media Survey 2017

‘Mixed Messages’

In the first quarter of 2017, Crystal PR surveyed journalists at a range of media organisations across Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man to get a better picture of their use of social media.

Here are the headline results (% rounded to nearest whole number)…

Using Social Media:

  • Our 2014 survey found that 3% of journalists never used social media for work. Now, in our 2017 survey, there is not one respondent who claimed they never use social media.

  • Two-thirds of all Crown Dependency (CD) media surveyed spend more than 1 hour per day on social media for work purposes.

  • When broken down by jurisdiction: 47% of Jersey respondents, and 71% of Guernsey respondents spend 1-2 hours per day on social media. Meanwhile, 67% of Isle of Man respondents spend less than an hour on social media for work. Jersey was the only jurisdiction with respondents spending more than 3 hours per day on social media.

  • As expected, Twitter and Facebook had the highest results for use of social media for work purposes.

Sourcing stories:

  • CD media prefer to use personal contacts the most to source stories (100% of those surveyed prefer it), with press releases following that at 89%.

  • This was a marked increase from the 2014 survey when only 89% used personal contacts to source stories.

  • There is an increase in CD media sourcing stories from blogs. In 2014, 21% of respondents said they use blogs. Now, in 2017, 46% said they use blogs.

  • When broken down by jurisdiction: 79% of Jersey respondents use Facebook to source stories, that compares to 86% in Guernsey and only 33% in the IoM.

  • Where Twitter is concerned, 33% of journalists in Guernsey and the same proportion in the IoM said they use Twitter, compared to 90% of Jersey respondents.

  • Meanwhile, in Jersey, 47% of respondents said they use blogs which is the third highest social network used to source stories. 33% of Guernsey respondents said they source from blogs.

Publishing Stories:

  • Other than using the respective organisation’s websites, CD media surveyed said they would publish stories on Facebook (96%), Twitter (89%) and even Instagram (27%).

  • 42% of respondents said they would publish stories only on social media

  • Most of the CD media surveyed said that sourcing a story through social media would not improve or make no difference to the quality of story (89%) or the reliability of the story (92%). However, 31% said that it would improve the type of story.

Engaging with PR Professionals:

  • An overwhelming majority of the CD media (69%) said they would prefer to interact with PR professionals via email, with the phone coming in second.

  • 2014 saw social media come in fourth place as a preference for journalists to engage with PR professionals. The 2017 survey saw that option completely disappear as no one chose social media as a preferred option for engaging with PR professionals.

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