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  • Leah Cunningham, Account Executive

Leah’s reflections at Crystal PR

The past three and half years at Crystal PR have been a great experience for me which has only grown with positivity as time has ticked by. It’s been filled with a fast learning curve in my first few months to learn not only a new culture (and to spell words with unnecessary U’s and Q’s!) but also to take in a niche industry like the financial services sector here in the Channel Islands. It was challenging but I enjoyed learning about both Jersey and Guernsey and also, eventually, about other jurisdictions which we interact with like the Isle of Man and Gibraltar too.

I had never fully considered a career in public relations before moving to Jersey but when I was tasked with looking for a full-time job where I could use the skills I studied at university, English and creative writing, I found the advert for Crystal PR and soon began to deliberate how well my joy for writing might match up with a career in this field. After I started work here I was fully supported by our senior management team and I found that I truly enjoyed learning a whole new discipline of writing.

Now, what I’ve come to love most about working for a public relations agency is the creative problem-solving skills we use on a daily basis to assist our clients. It also feels great when we’re approached with queries and I can use my knowledge and experience in the local market to confidently advise on media matters.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the particularly lovely location we have the pleasure of enjoying every day. We’re based in St. Aubins and have a great view over the harbour which always soothes a busy mind in the office. Not to mention a particularly scenic commute on the bike!

On reflection, my time at Crystal has truly been one of learning, growth, and fun. We’ve grown as a business since I started and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of that as well as growing in my own responsibilities within the agency. It’s certainly put me on a path of furthering myself within the public relations or communications industry having already completed my Advanced Certificate through the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) last year. Something I would like to continue when I return from my travels.

Before I sign off though I’ll share with you three things I’ve learned during my time here:

  1. You know more than you think you do. Don’t let doubt trick you.

  2. Always keep a calm head in the face of chaos.

  3. And finally, good communication is a skill that can’t always be taught

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