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Advanced Certificate for Crystal PR Account Executive

Leah Cunningham, Client Account Executive at Crystal PR, has recently passed with merit the Advanced Certificate course by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), now equivalent to the Professional PR certificate.

The course is spread out over a twelve-month period and challenges students to complete three rigorous assignments that not only test their understanding and implementation of theory into PR practice, but their ability to organise and correlate a PR campaign plan in an effective, efficient, and measurable way.

Leah has been with Crystal PR, and working in the public relations industry, for nearly three years now. She is a first point of contact for many clients and the media, and she champions the agency’s social media and blog activity.

Mike Sunier, Managing Director, Crystal PR commented on the achievement: “I’m delighted Leah’s hard work and commitment to the course has been rewarded. Crystal PR places education and career development as a high priority and will always support its agency team wishing to study to seek relevant qualifications.”

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